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“Everyone is gifted; some, only more generously.”- Dayyborah, 2020.
Trust you are all doing well😀💃. The last time you vistited here, I mentioned that I would start a series about my writing journey, and, here we are!

I receive tons of questions daily from friends about how I discovered my writing talent. On those days, I usually go blank and try to decipher how it all started to no avail. Truth is, I never really ‘discovered’ it; I just found myself doing it. Funny, right 😎

There was a time when I was so little (I guess nine or ten years old), and I suddenly decided that I wanted to write a book about heaven. Prior to that, I had a book where I documented my composed songs, and trust me, they were great😁. Now, back to the matter… I started writing stuff about God, faith and Holy living. I did not copy my content from anywhere; I just went with the flow.  After months of rigorous writing, I finally finished it. I couldn’t contain my excitement and I ran to show it to my parents. I couldn’t wait for it to be published. I know y’all are waiting for the part where I would say ‘and, they loved my piece, and got it published, and just like that, I became an author’,  but, fairy tales only happen on screen, lol. Well, my parents loved the book, but, they told me it was too scanty to be published. When they saw how demoralized I was, they tried to encourage me to add more content, but my brain was already programmed in such a way that I couldn’t alter the plot. I felt my message was concise and complete, and I didn’t see a need to add to it. Eventually, I forgot about the book, and my manuscript got lost (I still feel the pain till date). If I had been able to see through the lens of my parents, maybe, just maybe, I would have become an author at a tender age of ten.

That didn’t end there… I was actively involved in church activities as a child. 6/5 activities, Debby must be there sha😂. Whenever we needed to act or sing songs for special occasions, I usually contributed. I used to write scripts which would be edited by the children teachers, and compose lovely songs for us to sing. Then, as I grew older, I became more aware of my ability to write, and here I am!💃

I never really got the opportunity to train my voice properly; I guess I would have turned out to be an amazing singer. I haven’t given up tho, cos when there is life, there is hope.

Thank you for reading! Watch out for this space, and watch out for my book, Shadows.
Y’all are free to share your talents and discoveries with me in the comment section (I hope it doesn’t disappear, lol).
                    Dapo’s Musings♥️


Wow! It feels good to be here again after such a long break; forgive my inconsistency, friends. Now that I am almost done with my examination, I’ll get y’all busy with beautiful and exciting stories.💃

I started a series on ‘Tale of the Rack’ months ago, but unfortunately, that will have to be suspended for this 👇 bombshell.

After years of writing, I have finally published my first novella, titles: ‘Shadows’. However, I will love to do a book launch prior regular sales. The date, time, and venue of the launch will be communicated in due time. So, for the next weeks, I’ll be sharing my experience as a writer, which includes the following subs:
-The discovery
-The challenges
-The motivation
-The experience

Stay tuned to this blog to read my story first hand💃♥️.



Ajin sat patiently in his silver form waiting to be picked up by the mother giant. He knew mother giant loved him the most and always picked him up if he was available. Sometimes, when he was stained with leftovers she scrubbed him and made sure she used him. He watched as she dished her food with blue Smi to from the pot and boasted to the others that he was going to have a taste of the delicious meal.

‘I can’t wait to be picked up mehn! The way the food is so balanced on lu china has got me drooling and’

‘Oh shut up! Elinha yells at Ajin. You always say this everytime mother giant dishes her food. You selfish glutton!’ Before Ajin could have a chance to reply her, mother giant was already searching the rack for a spoon. Ajin prepared himself for the great journey to and from the late to her mouth. He redressed himself to ensure he looked his best. To their greatest surprise, mother giant picked up little Chu who was bruised all over as a result of constant chewing from baby giant. She seemed to be in a hurry and without properly accessing Chu she dipped her into the plate ready to devour the meal. Ajin could not believe his eyes; he felt betrayed by mother giant. The other members of the rack, including the plate with broken teeth made fun of him. Elinha stood up and tried to mimick Ajin.

‘Oh I cannot wait to have a taste of that delicious meal. I am the most fortunate and blessed being here. Oh I do-‘

‘now that’s enough, miserable Ajin is about to cry.’ They all laughed and continued making fun of Ajin while he bent his head low in shame.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading friends! Watch this space for more tales of the rack😉.

Dapo’s Musings 💙


After a long period of contemplation and disinterest, I decided to watch the movie ‘Fall From Grace’, written and directed by Tyler Perry. Well, I have seen a lot of movies (I am a movie freak), but you’ll agree with me that some movies deserve bigger accolades; one of which is ‘Fall From Grace’. So, here are some of the lessons I learnt from it:

1. Never trust anybody: Although I suspected Sarah was behind the misfortune of her best friend, Grace, a part of me still wanted to believe she was a true friend. My suspicions were confirmed and I was like ‘I knew it! I just knew it!’ Grace trusted Sarah and told her everything about her, including her deepest secrets. Sarah used those secrets against her friend and almost destryoyed her. You should never trust anyone with your deepest secrets. Have friends, have fun, but when it comes to your personal life, be careful who you trust. Remember, Grace was betrayed by her best friend, Jesus was betrayed by his disciple, Samson was betrayed by Delilah.

2. Never underrate anyone: Jasmine Bryant, one of the leading female characters was underestimated. It was shocking when she ended up victorious and vindicated Grace. Her boss, Rory had no pinch of faith in her ability. All he wanted was for her to plead for her client in court. He was suprised when she went from being ‘a lawyer who never went to court’ to being ‘a lawyer who solved a murder case and a heroine’. Even her colleagues were astonished when they saw the zealous part of her they never knew existed. Never underrate anybody; be open minded and believe in the dreams of your friends.

3. Love has two sides: From the story, it is evident that love can be beautiful, as well as sour. The love between Jasmine and her husband, Jordan Bryant was heavenly. He supported her, encouraged her, rebuked her, and saved her. He was there for her when she needed him the most. Shannon equally showed Grace love. She was divorced, and what she shared with Shannon felt like heaven to her. She trusted him, and gave all of her heart to him. In the end, we found out that his love was only a show to wreck her financially, emotionally, and psychologically, which he eventually managed to do. Anyone can show us love, but not everyone will so us true love. You have to be careful, patient, and prayerful to discern which love is true are not the end of the road. When it seemed like she had lost the case, she was shattered and lost the strength to continue. But, with the help of her husband, she managed to pick herself up and garner the courage to continue. She came out better than she was at the beginning of the movie. She learnt from her mistakes. Mistakes do not signify the end of the tunnel; they are simply a path of our success stories.

If you haven’t watched the movie, I recommend that you do. Feel free to share your thoughts on it with me.😀😀 Happy weekend!!!

Love, Dapo’s Musings 💙❤️💜💛

Story story…

Hello people, its story time!💃💃. I hope we are busy trying out new things during this period😃😃🤗 Well, it’s time to get your reading selves activated cos it’s story time!

P.S: this story is based on an actual occurrence but the writer in me would not allow me narrate it like a mere article. So, sit back and enjoy!

It was a big day in the entire family of the Johnsons’. Their first daughter, Adeola was finally getting married. She had always been unlucky with love her entire life until she met Emmanuel Olukayo, her fiancee. All the fastings,prayers and bindings of her mother eventually paid off and she couldn’t have been more grateful. The event was a memorable one, as people from all over the country graced the occasion with their presence. By the time the wedding ended, it was near dusk.

Mr and Mrs Olukayo, the newest couple in town sat on the bed in their new three bedroom apartment gifted by Emmanuel’s parents two weeks prior to the wedding. They had agreed on a modest lifestyle due to the size of their pockets; Deola was a secondary School teacher, while Emmanuel worked at the Engineering department in a renowned company in Osogbo, Osun state. Emmauel looked at his new bride, held her hands and gazed at her adoringy.

“I am the luckiest man in the world, darling. I promise to make you happy as long as I live,” he whispered. She equally declared her love for him and made endless promises to stick with him forever. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

Days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and months, years, but the family of two refused to have a child. When asked about it, they claimed they were not rich enough to start making babies. They turned a deaf ear to the plea of their parents and siblings. On a particular Saturday morning, it was announced on the news that a large sum of gold was discovered in a very large city nearby. In no time, the city was filled with immigrants who wanted the gold. The young couple heard about it, and also decided to travel to the city in search of the free gold. They were ready to abandon their house and jobs for something better. Families and friends tried to dissuade them from leaving their home behind, but they insisted on going to the city of gold. They sold their house and every other valuable property they owned and journeyed to the city of gold. Contrary to what they had imagined, the gold was difficult to find. That did not discourage them however as they made up their minds to get the gold at all costs.

Many years passed, and the city of gold was locked down. It was discovered that people were taking advantage of the situation and committing several atrocities. All immigrants were ordered to leave, and Mr and and Mrs Olukayo were left with no other choice but to return home, the same way they arrived. What they didn’t know, however was that the house which they sold now belonged to the state government. A huge sum of gold was discovered there and the new owner sold the house to the state government and received a lot of gold and money in return. When the couple arrived and heard the news, they were devastated. They left in search of gold, not knowing that gold was also in the house where they lived. They were left with nothing but sadness and regrets!

The end.

Like the yorubas’ would say: ‘what you are searching for in another place is right beside you.’ Although I used fictional character and places, the story is true. The young couple were too anxious and impatient. They wanted to get rich at all cost, and they got the repercussions. This is a lesson to us all; we should learn the art of patience and wisdom. It might appear as if your plans are going haywire, but never give up. Do not be like the young couple who left all they had in search of what they couldn’t get. Always ask for God’s guidance before you take any step. Be consistent at what you do and watch your dreams unfold. Trust the process and take it hana hana (step by step).

Another cogent point to learn from the story is greed. Greed leads to un-satisfaction. The young couple were not contented with their lot and wanted more. They lived in regret for the rest of their lives. Be contented with your present condition and don’t he in a hurry to acquire wealth.

Don’t forget to click on the like button right below! You can send in your comments to me on 09025153159. Thanks for reading!

Dapo’s Musings 🤗

Food for consumption

Can someone, just anyone tell me

Why I am black?
Can someone, just anybody explain

Why I am limited?
Who was it that I offended
Who was it that decided I deserve
The skin of a minority
Please tell me, before I go crazy
Why my dreams have to be limited
Simply because I was born black
In case you don’t know
Black signifies slavery
Black symbolises dirty
Black means limitation.
When you see a black man
You see a person who is full of budding potentials
Huge aspirations, hopes, inventions
But is unable to fulfill any
Because of the black skin.

Like that wasn’t enough,
I was punished further;
I was born African.
Even worse, cos the African heritage
Is despised all over the world
The African blood is pitiful.
Someone once said
‘You can do anything you want
You only have to believe”
But I say:
“You can do anything you want as a black only if you limit your
Potentials and face the reality
That you are not wanted.”
My colour which tells a lot
About who I am
Has posed as the greatest barrier
I have a lot to say
But one more word, and I’ll go
Completely poco loco.

I wrote this poem at a period when I was going through a hard time. I was filled with anger, sadness, rage, and near-depression. Writing always lightens my mood, so in my anger I picked up my pen and unleashed my anxieties. I got over my issues, and a long time after, found this piece where I kept it.
I have decided to share not because I believe what I wrote- there is an element of truth in it, but life has taught me that I should never give up. Rather than see the bad, I focused on the good. The black skin has been widely humiliated in the past, but I am certain that our generation and the ones to come will rewrite history. We only need to have faith, and determine to make ourselves heard. Man was created with an empty slate and the decisions he makes determines what will be written on the slate. We have the slate and the pen; we’ve only got to believe and take actions, and we’ll be surprised at how far we can go.

I acted on my emotions while writing that. I almost gave up on my dreams, but thankfully, I was able to snap out of it and get my self back together. Ever since then, I learnt the act of overriding my emotions. You should do the same too. Whenever you are faced with unending difficulties, remember, it’s just for a while. Never let your challenges and emotions control your actions.

P.S: Covid-19 is real.  Stay indoors and stay safe. I love you 😍🤗

#My love story 2

“My presentation is about family. A family is a group of people related not only by blood, but by love. They are always there for each other and sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of… You know what class? I am done here. First, I hate my family, second, these things you grouped with me are crazy and are not smart enough! Gosh?”

That simple statement cost me everything. Before I finished speaking, my group members pounced on me and beat the hell out of me. There was someone in that group I hated in particular- Anna. She was too nosy and didn’t know how to end a joke. Well, guess what I did to her… during break, I ripped off her shirt and made sure the three first buttons disappeared. She retaliated of ‘cos, and in the process of tearing each other apart, a hand grabbed my hands and that earned me a slap from Anna. Imediatelty, I turned around and without looking at the person’s face shot him a blow in the ear. Lo and behold, it was the hottest nigga in school- John. I wouldn’t say I was shocked, well I was but it was more of a what-the-heck-are-you-doing-here kind of shock rather than a oh-my-God-I-just-beat-a-senior sort of shock. Little did I know that a bigger shock was coming- well, I expected the usual drill: you fight your senior, he punishes you for three days or he reports you and you get a six hour free ticket to the advice room (I don’t know which punishment is the most gruesome). My mind flashed back to six months ago when I was locked up in the advice room with Mr Daniels. I felt like shit for the rest of that week and refused to speak to anybody. I can’t afford to have any of these so I decided to beg. “I’m sorry, please don’t punish me”. He looked at me for 6 seconds (I counted in my head) and said “it’s okay”. I didn’t believe him and was anxiously waiting to be called out for my punishment. I was right, he came, but not for a punishment. He offered to take me the movies at night. The happiness I felt was eternal. I mean, I just slapped the hottest guy in school- by mistake, I get it but a slap is still a slap and just like in the movies, he falls in love with my slap and asks me out. The rest is history. I said yes before he finished asking me out. For ten months, we were together. I flaunted him as best as I could (the envious glares I got from the other girls was satisfactory). Fast forward to 10months after… We fought and I broke up with him. Well, I didn’t exactly break up. To other people, he ended us, but in my little head, what happened was that I saw the breakup coming (I didn’t, actually) and immediately he said the word, I said it back and never went back. What led to the break up was just a very trivial issue which could have been settled amicably but I guess he got tired of him (I am too good to be gotten tired of). Now, we got to date each other due to the slap, and on the day of our breakup he was ranting about me walking out on him the previous day. I apologized but his blocked head refused to listen. He went on and on about my flaws, family, inability to keep friends, bla bla bla and I striked him across the face. (That was to bring him back to his senses and make him apologize, but, you know the rest). I did nothing wrong to him, right? He was just being a dickhead.

Fast forward to the present- John has graduated but I still miss our friendship. He understood me perfectly, and even when everyone thought I was insane (they still think I am), he said I was the best thing that happened to him. We know that’s a lie, but I choose to believe him. For 10 months, I felt like a person, and I knew there was still hope for me (not anymore though. I need another hankey). Now, with the story of John gone, let’s discuss Eric, my first love…

We all have a tale to tell about what our first love felt like right? Stay tuned to know what our little carzy Jane has to tell us. If this is your first time visiting, kindly read the last post to get acquainted with Jane and her love life. Also, do not forget to pass your comments to my email, Deborah_dapo@ Instagram or my WhatsApp number for those who have it. Thank y’all.

Dapo’s Musings 😍😍😍😍

#My love story 1.

Hello everybody!😊 Feels good to be here again. Sad news: I’m having issues with the comment section, and don’t know what to do about it. So, for now, all comments should be directed to my email @, or Instagram @deborah_dapo, or on WhatsApp for those who have my number. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

So, I will be starting my first blog series #My love story💃👯, but please bear in mind that it’s a fiction and none of the events or characters are tied to my personality😊, thank you. Relax and enjoy!👐

I just heard the saddest news of my life. l cannot imagine that this is happening to me! Can you just believe that my Cinderella shirt has been torn to shreds by Simon? I mean, I saved up money three years ago to buy the shirt and my first and only hard-earned property has been destroyed by my dog? Well, I was just kidding. I don’t have enough money for chocolates talkless of a Cinderella shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually sad- no, heartbroken but not ‘cos of a shirt. I am heart broken because my boyfriend broke up with me. (I need an hankey for my tears). Technically, John and I broke up last year but I am not over him yet. Do not judge me, I am not a psychopath okay? I think I should tell you a little about me so you’ll understand where I’m coming from

My name is Jane and I am thirteen. Yes, I am thirteen. 1 and 3, gosh! I am in the senior high school but in the lowest class of the senior high school. I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the second born but technically the first (don’t ask me about my elder sister cos I hate her. We’ll talk about her later). My parents are too busy to care for us so they lavish us with money which I lavish on my friends in return. Not that I care about my parents not caring for us, but what kind of parents leave their babies at home for months without proper monitoring? Emmanuel, my six year old brother wore dad’s suit and tie to school three days ago. I do not want to relay my experience. I do not even want to think about it. Back to the present, I fell for this thing called love when I was 10. I met Eric and I loved him immediately. It was love at first sight. But that’s not the point now; the point is that last year, I met John. He was the hottest guy in my school, not just with looks, but with brains. It was every girl’s dream to have John take a peek at them. This was how we met…

How do you think Jane met John? You can send in your thoughts to the handle above😁. Stay tuned 😍.

Dapo’s Musings

“ONCE” is enough!

Favour: Damy I am sorry. Please forgive me, I am really sorry.

Damy: Why are you rolling on the ground shedding crocodile tears? Tell me! I am getting more infuriated. Don’t let me hit you this woman. Respect yourself and leave!

Favour: Dam-y please. Remember the times you told me you loved me-

Damy: Oh yes! Yes, I do. Remember the time I walked you down the aisle looking into your eyes and feeling like the luckiest man in the universe? Remember the oath you swore that you were going to stick to me alone till death parted us? Remember all the promises you made after the last time you messed up? Listen, you have no point here. Just leave.

Favour: I swear I intended to fulfill those promises. I won’t cross my hands across my heart this way if I didn’t. I loved you, and I still love you-

Damy: Then why Favour! Why did you have to hurt me this way? Why did you cheat on me again? You keep hurting me every t.i.m.e, why?

Favour: It’s becau-

Damy: Hold it! I don’t need your explanation, ex wife. We are done talking. Leave my house and never come back. My lawyer will get back to you.

Favour: So where do you think you are going? Who are you walking out on? Stop looking at me like you just saw a ghost. What on Earth is your problem? ‘Cos of one error, okay, two errors you want to chase me out? I didn’t mean to cheat on you, and that was why I aborted the child I had for him. What happened yesterday was a mistake. I am really sorry; I promise it won’t happen again.

Damy: You cheated on your husband twice, got pregnant for the other guy and even aborted and you are here telling me it won’t repeat itself. It will repeat itself over and over again if I don’t send you out. You are a disgrace to womanhood! Nincompoop!

Favour: Even God forgives us after numerous sins.

Damy: I am not God. There is a limit to what I can take. Ade! Adeeee

Ade: Yes boss

Damy: listen, I won’t say this twice: Tell your men to throw this slut out of my house. She is no longer my wife.

Ade: Yes sir.

Favour: come back here o! Don’t touch me Ade. I say don’t touch me. Damy you can’t do this to me. My love, Damyyyy. I say don’t touch me.

Ade: Please respect yourself madam. Madam, you can’t go in there. Ma-

Lights out.

Funny drama, right 😂? Well, I believe the message is clear enough but if you have any question, the comment section is open for you. Feel free to ask.

It is a known fact that relationships can’t be sustained without conflicts. Contacts with humans will definitely lead to conflict, but our ability to let things go and reconcile is key. At one point or the other in our lives, we have hurt others either knowingly or incidentally. At times, we commit the same errors numerous times ‘cos we know they will surely forgive. Other times, we hurt ourselves, and hurt others in the process too. Many people do not learn from their mistakes and repeat the same errors again. They do not only destabilize themselves, but affect others negatively too.

Our decisions; whether positive or otherwise affect our families and friends, and as we make waves and fulfil goals this year, we should make it a conscious effort not to repeat a mistake twice. Offending is inevitable, but commiting the same offence again can be avoided. Just like the title of the little drama skit ‘once is enough’, ensure that making a mistake should not be more than once.

Positivity should be our watch word, change, our motto. Like I said earlier, it’s okay to make mistakes and offend others, but doing it again is wrong.

Once is enough! I am positive that everyone has gained something. Do not forget to add your opinions or ask questions in the comment section.

You can also reach me on Instagram @deborah_dapo, and on Gmail

Have a blissful week. Cheers 👯


Hello people 🤩😀, dapo’s musings wshes y’all a merry Christmas and a blissful new year in advance❤️. I apologise for my inconsistency in these past months. I will try my best to be more stable next year😁😁🤗.

I will be sharing a story with you on “The Relay Race”, so sit back, and enjoy.

In a few seconds time the referee was going to blow the whisle for the race to begin. Ola closed his eyes and made a short prayer. This race was the most important in his life, being the first time he would compete outside Nigeria. He and his pack had sweated their ass out to practice. They were not extremely good runners but the school had chosen them for this. They were the best shots the school had anyway.

He had heard a lot about their opponents, and knew deep down that his team was no match for them. They had won several awards and laurels, and were recently selected as the best school in West Africa. The sound of the warning whistle brought him back to the present. He quickly glanced around; his friends were in their spots waiting for the baton to be passed to them. Their success/failure depended largely on him since he was carrying the first leg.

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the referee blew the final whistle. Ola ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but suddenly fear started to creep in when he saw two of his opponents ahead of him. He looked sideways- someone else was on the verge of overtaking him. ‘Oh no!’ he screamed, trying to increase his pace. Finally, he managed to hand over the baton to Peter who was already looking agaitated. Peter was a very fast runner so he wasn’t surprised when he was at the second position. He began to relax his muscles. ‘Maybe we’ll win this, eventually’, he muttered to himself. The baton was with David, the final runner for that round. He still maintained the second position, and was on the verge of overtaking the boy in front of him when the baton fell. Everyone screamed and cheered him to quickly pick it up and continue the race. He was now at the fourth position, but was not fully hopeless. Just as he was gaining his strength back, he slipped and fell.

What is wrong with you?’, Emmanuel, who took the third leg screamed, utterly frustrated. Just as David made another attempt to stand and continue, the whistle was blown. Emmanuel ran across to where he was and accused him of bringing the failure upon them. Ola sensed the atmosphere between the two boys and knew that a fight was about to erupt so he quickly saved the situation.

The deed has been done guys, we can only hope to do better next time. We all put in our bests and it wasn’t David’s fault that he fell. We are a team, when one of us fails, all of us fail. Let’s just remain grateful that we were even invited at all. Now cheer up, our coach is coming. You do not want him to rebuke us, do you?’

To be continued…

I know you all expected that a miracle might happen which will make them win, right? Well, that is not always the case. The short story is an indication that we sometimes fail in life. The four boys: Ola, Emmanuel, Peter and David really prepared for the big competition, but they eventually lost.

Life is just like a game; we win some, we lose some. But, losing doesn’t mean the end of the tunnel. It simply means you should go back to your hibernation and rearrange your tactics. Learn from the loss, the failure, then make another plan, come out of your hibernation and try playing the game again. You might still lose, but do not give up. Keep on replaying until you achieve your aim- to win. Walk at your own pace, and take things gradually. Trust me, with faith, hardwork, consistency, and commitment, you are going to emerge the winner. See you all again in 2020😍❤️

Please do not forget to like and comment. thank you so much.

@Dapo’s Musings.

The Hate They Give

Hello everyone,

I feel so elated to be here again after such a long time. Other projects took away my time which made it very difficult for me to post here. I really appreciate those who reached out to find out about my well being.

The last time I was here, I continued a series on corruption. But, for now, I will like to suspend that topic and discuss a more vital subject: Xenophobia.

I believe we have heard many things about it, but I’ll still like to mention a few more things on it. So, sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy my short story which depicts Xenophobia.😀😀

 ‘Hey guys, please wait for me!’ Emma screamed as she struggled to catch up with her friends. When they didn’t wait, she shouted, a little louder.

‘Joseph… Damila… Please wait. I am finding it very hard to catch up.’ there was still no response from them as they kept on walking.

Didn’t they hear her? She wondered. At lasy she got to where they were but to her surprise no one spoke to her. They put on a sullen look and refused to acknowledge her presence. She wondered why they were so quiet.

‘Didn’t you guys hear me when I called?’ she questioned.

‘We did,’ they chorused.

‘Oh? So why didn’t you wait?’

No response.

‘I asked a question.’ Still no response.

She was beginning to get uncomfortable. 

‘Why are you not talking to me? What’s going on?’ she said to no one in particular.

They continued walking like they didn’t hear her. This is the height of it, she thought. She ran past them and stood in front of them. She waved her hand furiously and halted them.

‘I need an answer!’ She shouted.


‘My question of course.’ She rolled her eyes.

‘Be specific.’ Joseph said and gave her a very sacarstic look.

‘I do not know what’s going on with you guys. Since we finished the award presentation you all have been acting weird. What am I saying? Since my name was called out for the best overall you guys have been acting somehow.’

‘Have we?’ Damila asked.


They gave each other a knowing look, and Joseph moved very close to her.

‘Emma, why are you acting up and pretending you don’t know what you have done.’ She wanted to say something but Damila stopped her with a wave of her hand.

‘You are very selfish. You have won this competition four out of the five times it was held, and the only reason why you didn’t win the first one was because you were not here. You alone take all the glory and make us look like dumb asses.’

‘And as if that is not enough, you were give a scholarship up to your PhD level. You won a cash price recently, now a scholarship. Soon you will be travelling to the abroad.’ Bisola hissed.

‘The most annoying part of it all is that you are not even from here. This is not your region. You just came from no where, you- a nobody to take over and beat us at our own game. If you know what is good for you, you better don’t attempt to win the next compet-‘

‘But I don’t do this on purpose. I am surprised at y’all. How can you be so cruel?’ Emma said amidst tears.

‘Oh please! Just like David has said, it’s either you stop being self conceited and allow others to win, or you leave here for good. Or else!’ Anna threatened.

They spat at her and without allowing her say a word, walked away. She sat on the floor dejectedly, and did what she knew how to do best- cry.
I hope you enjoyed it all through😀. As we all know, xenophobia is all about how a person or a group of persons show antipathy to foreigners out of insecurity or fear. I believe we have seen many clips and read a lot of news on how South Africans are carrying our xenophobic attacks on foreigners, but, I will still like to say a few things about it. The above story pictures a perfect example of xenophobia which arises out of jealousy and fear of domination from a person.

I have read many articles which state that Nigerians should retaliate, and destroy companies owned by South Africans but I say that this is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. We are all Africans. We are black. We are one. The South Africans are very fragile people. They have gone thriugh a lot in  the hands of the foreigners which make them fragile and  see every body outside their region as a threat to them. This is therefore the time for us to portray maturity. We should divert our rage to the government rather than the citizens, because if there were enough jobs for our youths here, we won’t have to go to another country to work. If Nigeria was void of corruption, her citizens would have been more than happy to stay. 

The only solution to this attack is for Nigerians to return home, and together, we can fight against unemployment and corruption, and make Nigeria a better place for us to live in without having to destroy our relationship with our neighbouring countries. 

I hope I have made sense?

Please drop your comments below and help share. Thank y’all.

     #dapo’s musings.

Corruption #2

(The setting is in a front of the Aniston Marketing company at Ikeja, Lagos. The time is 2:00pm. A lot of people are lined up under the sun awaiting their turns for the interview).

Ade: Nawa o! (Claps her hand severally in frustration). We have been standing here since 8:00am and this is past 2 already. Shoo!

Amiba: Me sef I am tired. Just because someone is looking for a job. I am on number 43 and number 1 has not even entered yet. oga!

Ire: You people are disturbing others please! If you are tired of waiting please leave. The fewer we are, the better for us (hisses).

Ade: Ahah, see this babe o. Why are you pouring your anger on us? Are we the ones that said you should still be searching for a job at this age and time of your life?

Ire: What do you mean by that!(runs in rage towards Ade. She is held back by people). Leave me alone let me teach her a lesson! (tries to break away). 

Manny: You people should leave them let them fight na. Unserious fellows! Tch! It’s like you are not tired of staying at home. Hunger will soon… (He is cut short by a man who has started addressing them).

Man: … and gentlemen, we are sorry to inform you that the interview will no longer hold till further notice.

Speaker A: After waiting for hours?? You must be kidding!

Speaker B: He is surely joking! Why would you postpone it?

Man: Please bear with us we are very sorry. (He leaves).

Ire: See this joker sha! Do these people think we came here to trade? What rubbish! You must hold this interview today oo! (She runs towards the door and the others follow her but the guards block them from entering. There is pandemonium everywhere).

Woman: You people should better not disturb yourselves. The job has been given to someone else already. 

Everyone: Aaaaah! Who!!

Woman: You are still asking who? You should know they gave it to someone with longer legs than you have. You will only waste your time by shouting and making unnecessary noise. Just go home in peace and ask God to provide your jobs for you. (She leaves before they could say anything).

Ade: This country is a joke! So they just made us stay under the sun in suit and tie for nothing?

Emma: God will punish them for me. This is not fair o. I borrowed the money I used to transport myself down here and now they are saying this??. How can I suffer for four years and still not get a job and then someone from nowhere will get the job on a platter of gold all because they are rich and influential! This has to stop!

All: Yes!

(They keep on shouting till the light goes off). 
😃😃 I am of the belief  that we have all enjoyed my little drama😀. Last week, I explained what corruption generally entails, and I stated that there are various instances of corruption. I also made mention that corruption is not only manifested among the politicians and government officials, but can be seen in all sectors of the society. 

The above drama, therefore, is a typical example of corruption. People are denied the opportunity to work and earn a living simply because they are “nobody”. The jobs are given out to rich kids who mostly don’t worth it. Young graduates are turned into road side sellers, conductors, etc as a result of unemployment. This has to stop. We all need to come together to put an end to it. But the big question is how?

 As time goes by we would discuss how to curb corruption. We cannot entirely stop it because its venom has spread to all nooks and crannies of the society but there are ways in which it can be reduced. Stay tuned to this blog for more. Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to comment and like. Thank you. 

          Dapo’s musings😘. 


Happy new week y’all!!!  I’m absolutely sure last week was awesome, right?😀😀

You are welcome once again to my blog😃. And, for those who are visiting here for the first time or probably don’t fully grasp the purpose of this blog, here is what we are all about: Dapo’s musings is a purposeful blog aimed at juxtaposing fiction and reality👋👋. In other words, it is a blog which would address salient issues using fiction(drama, prose, and portry). Dapo’s musings would thereby address real life matters such as oppression, depression, love, hate, among others. I promise you it’s going to be fun all the way💯💃.

For the next few weeks, I will be addressing corruption. Today, I will just give us a background on the topic and next week, I’ll share my short drama on corruption with y’all🤗. Corruption, simply, is the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. A lot of people are of the belief that only leaders are corrupt. Once they hear the word corruption, the first thing(s) that come to their minds is the government, elites, etc.

This, however, is not the case. Corruption is not seen in the government sector, but it can be found anywhere. It can be individual, societal, political, religious, etc. Corruption has been vastly spread that it is now considered as a normal way of life. It has eaten deep into the roots of the community that people no longer see it as a problem anymore. Majority only condemn our corrupt leaders but fail to condemn individuals and families when they exhibit corruptive attributes. It is tagged as ‘one of those things’ when a person overtakes others on cue because s/he knows the person in charge. It is not seen as corruption when a person uses ‘connection’ to attain a position or acpuire something at other people’s costs. 

There are other instances of corruption such as when a person favours one over the other unjustly, when two people are in a competition and the winner is chosen through sentiments, among others. What I am trying to say in essence, is that corruption as a whole dwells among us and in every aspect of the society. It has become a part of our daily living and it is becoming extremely difficult as the days go by to do justice to it and eradicate it completely.

I would like to stop here for now. Later on, we would discuss the effects and consequences, and ways in which it can be curbed. Thanks for reading.

Anyicipate my little drama on corruption next week.. don’t forget to air your opinions or suggestions. Have a lovely week ahead of you😘😘.

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He grabbed her by the neck  

 ‘One word and I’ll blow your head off’!    

He screamed!           

 She grabbed his shirt

Her eyes pleading for mercy.
I shouldn’t have let him in  

I should have gone out with the others, She thought.

Tears in her eyes,    

She begged him     

But he refused to listen.

One swift move and 

He jumped at her like a lion    

would jump on it’s prey   

He battered her  

Wounded her   

He destroyed her pride   

The pride she had cherished all her life  

The pride she wanted to give to her man   

as a gift                                                          

Her only pride.

He left her in pains and warned her to keep her mouth shut                      

‘or else-‘ he threatened.
A year passed   

And he came back again     

 And again    

And again                                                      

She was destroyed physically     

Emotionally, psychologically   

And although he is gone now,   

the scars still taunt her

She couldn’t take it anymore    

‘I must speak out!’    

She cried                              

 Alas! She  found her voice.   

She was determined to bring justice unto 


She spoke out!

Finally, she felt free   

But- he denied it.                                 

He stared coldly into her eyes

And said he did not do it.
She was castigated for not speaking up in time                                           

She was called an attention seeker,    

A lunatic                                            

A pest, a liar, an adulteress, a fool. 

She was broken again.                              

But he raped me!                                            

She screamed                                  

He destroyed me!                            

Please believe me!                                      

I want justice!                                                    

It was too late.                                                

No one thought her words to be true.
He was left alone                                      

To live his life freely                                      

He was as free as a lark                      

Dancing in his guilt                                  

She was cheated, she lost.                    

Her only offence was that                      

She was a woman                                      

A weak vessel                                                

Her only offence was that                  

She didn’t speak on time.

Sad, right? 

The poem was inspired by the on going rift between Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the resident pastor of COZA, and Bukola Dakolo, the wife of the famous gospel artist, Timi Dakolo. We can check on Google for more details concerning the incidence. 

In our world today, we hear a lot of stories on how people get injured, either physically, emotionally, socially, or psychologically. People come up with stories on how they were raped, beaten, or subjected to psychological or emotional slavery. Some speak up immediately the incidence happens, while it takes days, weeks, months, or even decades for others to voice out. Most times, these latter stories do not gain enough prominence and are not treated with enough zeal and energy as the former.
What I am trying to emphasise in essence is that we should learn to always voice out the moment we feel threatened. Bottling up pains would not solve the issue. If anything, it would only fuel your anger. Rape is not the only thing worth reporting; if a person treats you like a minority and you feel very uncomfortable, SPEAK UP immediately. If your personal space is infringed upon, SPEAK UP immediately. If you are being threatened or forced to do something you do not like, REPORT such person instantly. 

Do not bottle up your emotions until it is too late before you speak up. It might be too late to mend.

People around you might be suffering from one trauma or the other. Let us adopt the habit of talking to them about the benefits of voicing out in times of trouble. Make people comfortable around you so they can easily run to you for help when they need it. Help a sister out today. Help a brother out. Save a soul. 

Do not forget to share this piece, who knows- you might share it to the rightest person😀😀. Also, your comments would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you so much. 



Good day everyone, how have we all been these past weeks? I believe we are all fine and well.

 I am a very occupied person and this accounts for the reason why I was off for a while. Had to focus on a very important primary project but I’m done now💃😁. 
Well, yesterday was my birthday. It marked the beginning of another year for me, so, HAPPY NEW YEAR to me🙂. After all was said and done, I decided to come up with a fictional gift to myself. So… grab a popcorn, sit still and enjoy!😘

It was very late at night. The birthday bash organised by my friends was mind blowing! I didn’t expect that much from them. God bless my friends for me. I received a whole lot of messages, calls, and gifts from well-wishers and trust me- it really made my. I felt so so special and happy. Infact, happy is an understatement… I was joyous 😀. 

The party has finally come to  an end now and all my friends and visitors have gone and I am finally left alone in my room adorned with purple flowers(courtesy: mom). I really cannot wait till tomorrow to open up my gifts. Or maybe I should wait to open it in the presence of my siblings. But I am too excited I don’t think I can wait anymore. My hands picked up what looked like a tiny package: a friendship note and a wristwatch from Emmanuel… Awnn. I picked up another gift: a black gown from my bestfriend with a note that says ‘please grow more sense this year‘😂. A pack of chocolates and a friendship band from my sister. A silver heels from A book written by Kenneth Hagin, a bunch of Nora Robert’s new series, and a juice pack from Mason. Double wow. A Caribbean skirt from Dad. Looks oversized though😂. A teddy bear and silver chain from my brother. I expected more. A top and a pink chocker from  Lola.😁 The biggest gift of all was from Mom: a dress, three packs of chocolates, a gold fancy bag, and two books on how to find the right partner. Really

I closed my eyes in an attempt to sleep then a question popped in my head: ‘have you thanked God yet for His gift ?’ What gift? I asked within me. I started looking all around to see if there was an hidden gift somewhere. Seeing nothing, I sat on my bed and closed my eyes to think of what the gift could possibly be. Did someone give me a gift during the party that I don’t know of? What could the gift possibly be? A book? My favourite food? Or…- Yes! Oh my God! How could I have forgotten? I said to myself. Truly, I received a very important gift. It’s the most beautiful gift I have ever had in my entire life. Guess who gave me those gifts😀. God. Yes God. He gave me His love. It is the biggest gift I can ever hope for. He also gave me the gifts of life, good health, a wonderful family, good friends, happiness, and above all, the gift of forgiveness. 

I immediately went down on my knees and thanked Him for a life well spent. Despite the pandemonium happening all around me, I am still alive, hale, hearty, and living a good life. It’s not the best life yet, but it’s worth every bit of it!

😁😁 Y’all enjoyed the story right?? Once again, Happy New Year to me!! The best gift I can receive from you who are reading this are your comments, likes and shares. As y’all go about your various duties this week and the next, do not forget to thank God at every point for His gift of life to you. Being alive is enough motivation for you to make waves and be impactful.

Thank you!

           @Dapos Musings.



Share happiness: Don’t be selfish 😘

Hello everyone ✋, how has your week been so far?

For those who have been following my updates closely, we would be aware that this week’s post on happiness is a continuation of what we discussed the previous week

I would like to give us this short illustration before I continue… There was once a widower who had two kids. He loved his late wife so much he  decided not to marry again. He left the city with his children and went to live in a place where no one knew him. He banned his kids from making friends in the neighborhood and he hardly spoke to anyone himself. It was all about him and his children. After a few years had passed, they  found  it hard to cope without friends; but he couldn’t approach anyone since he shut them out of his life in the past. Several times, he caught his children watching other kids play. He knew they were not happy but they could not approach him for fear of bring rebuked.

One faithful evening, a neighbour whom he invited the man and his children for a community get together. He was surprised he could barely contain his excitement. When the day finally arrived, he left his home a little early for the event. He watched in admiration how other people related with each other. they were all so happy together one would have thought they had no problems in their lives. He was even greatly surprised when they gave him the warmest reception he had ever received in a long time. They engaged him in conversations and made jokes with him like they were friends all their lives. His children easily blended with other children and there was no discrimination of any sort among them.  At the end of the party, he asked the why the party was held. They told him it was a monthly tradition in the community to bring people together and share their happiness and burdens. He immediately felt bad for not allowing people into his life and for depriving his children the happiness they deserved. He resolved in his heart to never shut anyone out of his life again. The End

I hope we enjoyed my brief illustration 😃. What I’m trying to say in essence is that we should always try to reach out to people around us. Though the man was rich, he was still unhappy. Also, if his neighbours had deserted him when he initially rejected their friendhip, he and his children would have remained lonely and unhappy for a long time. 

So, friends, let’s try to extend our love and happiness to other people. A little kind gesture counts. A smile from you could change a person’s life. As we go about our duties, let’s not forget to share happiness. 

Have a splendid week ahead of you.♥️♥️


Hello everyone😀, how are you all doing? I hope your weekend was well spent.

This week we will be dealing with happiness. Happiness simply means to be contented, cheerful, elated, satisfied, joyous, positive...the list is endless. When you are happy you feel elevated, joyful, at peace, new, energetic, etc. With happiness comes the goodness of heart and the ability to help others willingly. 

Show me a smiling person, and I will show you a happy person.”

Many people mistake happiness for only when something big and extraordinary happens to you; like when you get that dream promotion at work, when you get a distinction in your examination, etc. We believe we should only be happy when we have made a major achievement. The truth, however, is that happiness is internal and is supposed to be constant. We are meant to be happy all the time. 

We can be angry and still be happy, because anger is meant to be just for a while. We can be broke and still be happy. We can be poor and still be happy. Your financial status, health, achievements and friends do not guarantee your happiness. Your happiness is determined by only you☝️☝️.  If you decide to stay happy, trust me nothing can take that happiness away except yourself.

One more secret of happiness is that it prolongs life 💃🕺. You want to live long? Stay happy. You want to look beautiful and younger? Stay happy. You want to be the center of attraction? Stay happy. You want  be happy? Stay happy. Happiness is free!

Next week, we’ll be talking about Share Happiness: Dont be Selfish😜. 

Meanwhile, please take your time to like, comment and share. Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead of you.

  • RememberStay Happy!


Hello guys😀! Permit me do a brief introduction of myself.
my name is Deborah Dapo. I am a 300 level student of McPherson University, Ogun state. My passions are singing, writing, reading (fictions o), and sleeping. Yeah.. sleeping 😉

One day I was in my bed in school and I thought to myself, “Debby you have a lot of things you wanna share to people, why not open a blog and use it as a medium to reach out to people?” And then boom! One thing led to another and another and we are here. I would be talking to us on so many things ranging from academics to spiritual, relationship, friendship, health, finances, etc. I really hope you would enjoy every single piece I post here and I wouldn’t mind if you guys give me your feedbacks on every topic. Remember- feedback is vital.

P.S: I decided to call it my_musings ‘cos I don’t want my enteries to be limited. I like diverting a lot and I felt the best way to do that and still stay in line with the purpose of this blog is to give it a name that’ll cut across all fields.

Thank you for reading. I love you all. Hope to see you next time and don’t forget to leave your comments.