Hello guys😀! Permit me do a brief introduction of myself.
my name is Deborah Dapo. I am a 300 level student of McPherson University, Ogun state. My passions are singing, writing, reading (fictions o), and sleeping. Yeah.. sleeping 😉

One day I was in my bed in school and I thought to myself, “Debby you have a lot of things you wanna share to people, why not open a blog and use it as a medium to reach out to people?” And then boom! One thing led to another and another and we are here. I would be talking to us on so many things ranging from academics to spiritual, relationship, friendship, health, finances, etc. I really hope you would enjoy every single piece I post here and I wouldn’t mind if you guys give me your feedbacks on every topic. Remember- feedback is vital.

P.S: I decided to call it my_musings ‘cos I don’t want my enteries to be limited. I like diverting a lot and I felt the best way to do that and still stay in line with the purpose of this blog is to give it a name that’ll cut across all fields.

Thank you for reading. I love you all. Hope to see you next time and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Published by Dayyborah

I am an avid lover of the arts. I am also a writer, editor, and content creator.

36 thoughts on “A NEW BEGINNING…

  1. This is really a new beginning. I shall not hesitate to contribute meaningfully to issues as they arise on this platform. I am proud of you.


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