Hello everyone😀, how are you all doing? I hope your weekend was well spent.

This week we will be dealing with happiness. Happiness simply means to be contented, cheerful, elated, satisfied, joyous, positive...the list is endless. When you are happy you feel elevated, joyful, at peace, new, energetic, etc. With happiness comes the goodness of heart and the ability to help others willingly. 

Show me a smiling person, and I will show you a happy person.”

Many people mistake happiness for only when something big and extraordinary happens to you; like when you get that dream promotion at work, when you get a distinction in your examination, etc. We believe we should only be happy when we have made a major achievement. The truth, however, is that happiness is internal and is supposed to be constant. We are meant to be happy all the time. 

We can be angry and still be happy, because anger is meant to be just for a while. We can be broke and still be happy. We can be poor and still be happy. Your financial status, health, achievements and friends do not guarantee your happiness. Your happiness is determined by only you☝️☝️.  If you decide to stay happy, trust me nothing can take that happiness away except yourself.

One more secret of happiness is that it prolongs life 💃🕺. You want to live long? Stay happy. You want to look beautiful and younger? Stay happy. You want to be the center of attraction? Stay happy. You want  be happy? Stay happy. Happiness is free!

Next week, we’ll be talking about Share Happiness: Dont be Selfish😜. 

Meanwhile, please take your time to like, comment and share. Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead of you.

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22 thoughts on “STAY HAPPY!

  1. I agree with your view on happiness. However, from the Biblical point of view, happiness is not the same as joy though the two at times are used intersparsingly. I believe one is happy when those things you mentioned are achieved. Joy, is from God. It is an element of faith that you have as a result of your belief in God. It then means the moment you lose the car you bought, you lose your happiness. However,even when such happens, especially a to believer, his joy remains intact. Happiness is physical,joy is spiritual. Man can give happiness but he cannot give joy. It is God that gives joy through His words.
    May the Lord do things that will bring happiness to you. May you have joy as you continue to hold on to God in your challenges. Remain blessed.


      1. Happiness is key to many things but when we face challenges, how do we get or maintain happiness?


        1. @Emmanuel like I said earlier, happiness is internal. Physical circumstances do not determine your happiness. We all go through tough phases in our lives but they only last for a while. Those moments will pass so it is left to us to put it aside and focus on making ourselves happy and void of bad memories .
          Have I answered your question?


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