He grabbed her by the neck  

 ‘One word and I’ll blow your head off’!    

He screamed!           

 She grabbed his shirt

Her eyes pleading for mercy.
I shouldn’t have let him in  

I should have gone out with the others, She thought.

Tears in her eyes,    

She begged him     

But he refused to listen.

One swift move and 

He jumped at her like a lion    

would jump on it’s prey   

He battered her  

Wounded her   

He destroyed her pride   

The pride she had cherished all her life  

The pride she wanted to give to her man   

as a gift                                                          

Her only pride.

He left her in pains and warned her to keep her mouth shut                      

‘or else-‘ he threatened.
A year passed   

And he came back again     

 And again    

And again                                                      

She was destroyed physically     

Emotionally, psychologically   

And although he is gone now,   

the scars still taunt her

She couldn’t take it anymore    

‘I must speak out!’    

She cried                              

 Alas! She  found her voice.   

She was determined to bring justice unto 


She spoke out!

Finally, she felt free   

But- he denied it.                                 

He stared coldly into her eyes

And said he did not do it.
She was castigated for not speaking up in time                                           

She was called an attention seeker,    

A lunatic                                            

A pest, a liar, an adulteress, a fool. 

She was broken again.                              

But he raped me!                                            

She screamed                                  

He destroyed me!                            

Please believe me!                                      

I want justice!                                                    

It was too late.                                                

No one thought her words to be true.
He was left alone                                      

To live his life freely                                      

He was as free as a lark                      

Dancing in his guilt                                  

She was cheated, she lost.                    

Her only offence was that                      

She was a woman                                      

A weak vessel                                                

Her only offence was that                  

She didn’t speak on time.

Sad, right? 

The poem was inspired by the on going rift between Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the resident pastor of COZA, and Bukola Dakolo, the wife of the famous gospel artist, Timi Dakolo. We can check on Google for more details concerning the incidence. 

In our world today, we hear a lot of stories on how people get injured, either physically, emotionally, socially, or psychologically. People come up with stories on how they were raped, beaten, or subjected to psychological or emotional slavery. Some speak up immediately the incidence happens, while it takes days, weeks, months, or even decades for others to voice out. Most times, these latter stories do not gain enough prominence and are not treated with enough zeal and energy as the former.
What I am trying to emphasise in essence is that we should learn to always voice out the moment we feel threatened. Bottling up pains would not solve the issue. If anything, it would only fuel your anger. Rape is not the only thing worth reporting; if a person treats you like a minority and you feel very uncomfortable, SPEAK UP immediately. If your personal space is infringed upon, SPEAK UP immediately. If you are being threatened or forced to do something you do not like, REPORT such person instantly. 

Do not bottle up your emotions until it is too late before you speak up. It might be too late to mend.

People around you might be suffering from one trauma or the other. Let us adopt the habit of talking to them about the benefits of voicing out in times of trouble. Make people comfortable around you so they can easily run to you for help when they need it. Help a sister out today. Help a brother out. Save a soul. 

Do not forget to share this piece, who knows- you might share it to the rightest person😀😀. Also, your comments would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you so much. 


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20 thoughts on “hURt

  1. So true. People have different ways of dealing with painful situations. We should encourage people to speak up and voice out. We have one life to live, we should all live right. This should also tell the oppressors, life doesn’t end at that spot. The oppressed is coming back fully. Beware if what you do today.


  2. The truth had been told. If all the youths that had committed suicide had spoken out maybe they would have received help. Remain blessed.


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