Happy new week y’all!!!  I’m absolutely sure last week was awesome, right?😀😀

You are welcome once again to my blog😃. And, for those who are visiting here for the first time or probably don’t fully grasp the purpose of this blog, here is what we are all about: Dapo’s musings is a purposeful blog aimed at juxtaposing fiction and reality👋👋. In other words, it is a blog which would address salient issues using fiction(drama, prose, and portry). Dapo’s musings would thereby address real life matters such as oppression, depression, love, hate, among others. I promise you it’s going to be fun all the way💯💃.

For the next few weeks, I will be addressing corruption. Today, I will just give us a background on the topic and next week, I’ll share my short drama on corruption with y’all🤗. Corruption, simply, is the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. A lot of people are of the belief that only leaders are corrupt. Once they hear the word corruption, the first thing(s) that come to their minds is the government, elites, etc.

This, however, is not the case. Corruption is not seen in the government sector, but it can be found anywhere. It can be individual, societal, political, religious, etc. Corruption has been vastly spread that it is now considered as a normal way of life. It has eaten deep into the roots of the community that people no longer see it as a problem anymore. Majority only condemn our corrupt leaders but fail to condemn individuals and families when they exhibit corruptive attributes. It is tagged as ‘one of those things’ when a person overtakes others on cue because s/he knows the person in charge. It is not seen as corruption when a person uses ‘connection’ to attain a position or acpuire something at other people’s costs. 

There are other instances of corruption such as when a person favours one over the other unjustly, when two people are in a competition and the winner is chosen through sentiments, among others. What I am trying to say in essence, is that corruption as a whole dwells among us and in every aspect of the society. It has become a part of our daily living and it is becoming extremely difficult as the days go by to do justice to it and eradicate it completely.

I would like to stop here for now. Later on, we would discuss the effects and consequences, and ways in which it can be curbed. Thanks for reading.

Anyicipate my little drama on corruption next week.. don’t forget to air your opinions or suggestions. Have a lovely week ahead of you😘😘.

               Dapo‘s musings

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