Corruption #2

(The setting is in a front of the Aniston Marketing company at Ikeja, Lagos. The time is 2:00pm. A lot of people are lined up under the sun awaiting their turns for the interview).

Ade: Nawa o! (Claps her hand severally in frustration). We have been standing here since 8:00am and this is past 2 already. Shoo!

Amiba: Me sef I am tired. Just because someone is looking for a job. I am on number 43 and number 1 has not even entered yet. oga!

Ire: You people are disturbing others please! If you are tired of waiting please leave. The fewer we are, the better for us (hisses).

Ade: Ahah, see this babe o. Why are you pouring your anger on us? Are we the ones that said you should still be searching for a job at this age and time of your life?

Ire: What do you mean by that!(runs in rage towards Ade. She is held back by people). Leave me alone let me teach her a lesson! (tries to break away). 

Manny: You people should leave them let them fight na. Unserious fellows! Tch! It’s like you are not tired of staying at home. Hunger will soon… (He is cut short by a man who has started addressing them).

Man: … and gentlemen, we are sorry to inform you that the interview will no longer hold till further notice.

Speaker A: After waiting for hours?? You must be kidding!

Speaker B: He is surely joking! Why would you postpone it?

Man: Please bear with us we are very sorry. (He leaves).

Ire: See this joker sha! Do these people think we came here to trade? What rubbish! You must hold this interview today oo! (She runs towards the door and the others follow her but the guards block them from entering. There is pandemonium everywhere).

Woman: You people should better not disturb yourselves. The job has been given to someone else already. 

Everyone: Aaaaah! Who!!

Woman: You are still asking who? You should know they gave it to someone with longer legs than you have. You will only waste your time by shouting and making unnecessary noise. Just go home in peace and ask God to provide your jobs for you. (She leaves before they could say anything).

Ade: This country is a joke! So they just made us stay under the sun in suit and tie for nothing?

Emma: God will punish them for me. This is not fair o. I borrowed the money I used to transport myself down here and now they are saying this??. How can I suffer for four years and still not get a job and then someone from nowhere will get the job on a platter of gold all because they are rich and influential! This has to stop!

All: Yes!

(They keep on shouting till the light goes off). 
😃😃 I am of the belief  that we have all enjoyed my little drama😀. Last week, I explained what corruption generally entails, and I stated that there are various instances of corruption. I also made mention that corruption is not only manifested among the politicians and government officials, but can be seen in all sectors of the society. 

The above drama, therefore, is a typical example of corruption. People are denied the opportunity to work and earn a living simply because they are “nobody”. The jobs are given out to rich kids who mostly don’t worth it. Young graduates are turned into road side sellers, conductors, etc as a result of unemployment. This has to stop. We all need to come together to put an end to it. But the big question is how?

 As time goes by we would discuss how to curb corruption. We cannot entirely stop it because its venom has spread to all nooks and crannies of the society but there are ways in which it can be reduced. Stay tuned to this blog for more. Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to comment and like. Thank you. 

          Dapo’s musings😘. 

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17 thoughts on “Corruption #2

  1. You are correct. The truth is that youths should be creative and begin to think of what they can do on their own if ‘salary work’ is not available. Corruption is endemic. We can come together to fight it . Don’t keep quiet, attack it when you see it. Thank you.


  2. Our system is so rotten that it has dashed out hope. No wonder youths are committing sucide, though it’s not an option or a solution. I hope the system can be clean up and this starts from every individual.
    Nice write-up.


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