The Hate They Give

Hello everyone,

I feel so elated to be here again after such a long time. Other projects took away my time which made it very difficult for me to post here. I really appreciate those who reached out to find out about my well being.

The last time I was here, I continued a series on corruption. But, for now, I will like to suspend that topic and discuss a more vital subject: Xenophobia.

I believe we have heard many things about it, but I’ll still like to mention a few more things on it. So, sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy my short story which depicts Xenophobia.😀😀

 ‘Hey guys, please wait for me!’ Emma screamed as she struggled to catch up with her friends. When they didn’t wait, she shouted, a little louder.

‘Joseph… Damila… Please wait. I am finding it very hard to catch up.’ there was still no response from them as they kept on walking.

Didn’t they hear her? She wondered. At lasy she got to where they were but to her surprise no one spoke to her. They put on a sullen look and refused to acknowledge her presence. She wondered why they were so quiet.

‘Didn’t you guys hear me when I called?’ she questioned.

‘We did,’ they chorused.

‘Oh? So why didn’t you wait?’

No response.

‘I asked a question.’ Still no response.

She was beginning to get uncomfortable. 

‘Why are you not talking to me? What’s going on?’ she said to no one in particular.

They continued walking like they didn’t hear her. This is the height of it, she thought. She ran past them and stood in front of them. She waved her hand furiously and halted them.

‘I need an answer!’ She shouted.


‘My question of course.’ She rolled her eyes.

‘Be specific.’ Joseph said and gave her a very sacarstic look.

‘I do not know what’s going on with you guys. Since we finished the award presentation you all have been acting weird. What am I saying? Since my name was called out for the best overall you guys have been acting somehow.’

‘Have we?’ Damila asked.


They gave each other a knowing look, and Joseph moved very close to her.

‘Emma, why are you acting up and pretending you don’t know what you have done.’ She wanted to say something but Damila stopped her with a wave of her hand.

‘You are very selfish. You have won this competition four out of the five times it was held, and the only reason why you didn’t win the first one was because you were not here. You alone take all the glory and make us look like dumb asses.’

‘And as if that is not enough, you were give a scholarship up to your PhD level. You won a cash price recently, now a scholarship. Soon you will be travelling to the abroad.’ Bisola hissed.

‘The most annoying part of it all is that you are not even from here. This is not your region. You just came from no where, you- a nobody to take over and beat us at our own game. If you know what is good for you, you better don’t attempt to win the next compet-‘

‘But I don’t do this on purpose. I am surprised at y’all. How can you be so cruel?’ Emma said amidst tears.

‘Oh please! Just like David has said, it’s either you stop being self conceited and allow others to win, or you leave here for good. Or else!’ Anna threatened.

They spat at her and without allowing her say a word, walked away. She sat on the floor dejectedly, and did what she knew how to do best- cry.
I hope you enjoyed it all through😀. As we all know, xenophobia is all about how a person or a group of persons show antipathy to foreigners out of insecurity or fear. I believe we have seen many clips and read a lot of news on how South Africans are carrying our xenophobic attacks on foreigners, but, I will still like to say a few things about it. The above story pictures a perfect example of xenophobia which arises out of jealousy and fear of domination from a person.

I have read many articles which state that Nigerians should retaliate, and destroy companies owned by South Africans but I say that this is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. We are all Africans. We are black. We are one. The South Africans are very fragile people. They have gone thriugh a lot in  the hands of the foreigners which make them fragile and  see every body outside their region as a threat to them. This is therefore the time for us to portray maturity. We should divert our rage to the government rather than the citizens, because if there were enough jobs for our youths here, we won’t have to go to another country to work. If Nigeria was void of corruption, her citizens would have been more than happy to stay. 

The only solution to this attack is for Nigerians to return home, and together, we can fight against unemployment and corruption, and make Nigeria a better place for us to live in without having to destroy our relationship with our neighbouring countries. 

I hope I have made sense?

Please drop your comments below and help share. Thank y’all.

     #dapo’s musings.

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17 thoughts on “The Hate They Give

  1. Your article is really commendable,we all condemn the acts of xenophobic in South Africa yes, but what of the one we do to ourselves out of jealous and hatred. God bless your wisdom girl


  2. Nigeria fought for these ingrates during the apartheid rule. People were forced to give them money, out of nothing. Letting go isn’t easy. People have lost their fathers and loved ones. It would be best if the international organizations cuts south Africa off. They are just lucky that most of their citizens are not in Nigeria. If not, iku ni!


    1. 😃 I really do understand your point dear, but that will not put an end to it. It will only fuel more disasters, and gradually, Africa will be divided which would be in favour of the whites who are the root causes of these calamities.


  3. You are right, beautiful article. But telling Nigerians to come back home and fight unemployment isn’t as simple as it seems. Nigerians at home haven’t been able to do it. . . We’re all just gonna hope for our government to wake UP! And do our best at what we do and also not sit idle.


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