Hello people 🤩😀, dapo’s musings wshes y’all a merry Christmas and a blissful new year in advance❤️. I apologise for my inconsistency in these past months. I will try my best to be more stable next year😁😁🤗.

I will be sharing a story with you on “The Relay Race”, so sit back, and enjoy.

In a few seconds time the referee was going to blow the whisle for the race to begin. Ola closed his eyes and made a short prayer. This race was the most important in his life, being the first time he would compete outside Nigeria. He and his pack had sweated their ass out to practice. They were not extremely good runners but the school had chosen them for this. They were the best shots the school had anyway.

He had heard a lot about their opponents, and knew deep down that his team was no match for them. They had won several awards and laurels, and were recently selected as the best school in West Africa. The sound of the warning whistle brought him back to the present. He quickly glanced around; his friends were in their spots waiting for the baton to be passed to them. Their success/failure depended largely on him since he was carrying the first leg.

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the referee blew the final whistle. Ola ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but suddenly fear started to creep in when he saw two of his opponents ahead of him. He looked sideways- someone else was on the verge of overtaking him. ‘Oh no!’ he screamed, trying to increase his pace. Finally, he managed to hand over the baton to Peter who was already looking agaitated. Peter was a very fast runner so he wasn’t surprised when he was at the second position. He began to relax his muscles. ‘Maybe we’ll win this, eventually’, he muttered to himself. The baton was with David, the final runner for that round. He still maintained the second position, and was on the verge of overtaking the boy in front of him when the baton fell. Everyone screamed and cheered him to quickly pick it up and continue the race. He was now at the fourth position, but was not fully hopeless. Just as he was gaining his strength back, he slipped and fell.

What is wrong with you?’, Emmanuel, who took the third leg screamed, utterly frustrated. Just as David made another attempt to stand and continue, the whistle was blown. Emmanuel ran across to where he was and accused him of bringing the failure upon them. Ola sensed the atmosphere between the two boys and knew that a fight was about to erupt so he quickly saved the situation.

The deed has been done guys, we can only hope to do better next time. We all put in our bests and it wasn’t David’s fault that he fell. We are a team, when one of us fails, all of us fail. Let’s just remain grateful that we were even invited at all. Now cheer up, our coach is coming. You do not want him to rebuke us, do you?’

To be continued…

I know you all expected that a miracle might happen which will make them win, right? Well, that is not always the case. The short story is an indication that we sometimes fail in life. The four boys: Ola, Emmanuel, Peter and David really prepared for the big competition, but they eventually lost.

Life is just like a game; we win some, we lose some. But, losing doesn’t mean the end of the tunnel. It simply means you should go back to your hibernation and rearrange your tactics. Learn from the loss, the failure, then make another plan, come out of your hibernation and try playing the game again. You might still lose, but do not give up. Keep on replaying until you achieve your aim- to win. Walk at your own pace, and take things gradually. Trust me, with faith, hardwork, consistency, and commitment, you are going to emerge the winner. See you all again in 2020😍❤️

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