“ONCE” is enough!

Favour: Damy I am sorry. Please forgive me, I am really sorry.

Damy: Why are you rolling on the ground shedding crocodile tears? Tell me! I am getting more infuriated. Don’t let me hit you this woman. Respect yourself and leave!

Favour: Dam-y please. Remember the times you told me you loved me-

Damy: Oh yes! Yes, I do. Remember the time I walked you down the aisle looking into your eyes and feeling like the luckiest man in the universe? Remember the oath you swore that you were going to stick to me alone till death parted us? Remember all the promises you made after the last time you messed up? Listen, you have no point here. Just leave.

Favour: I swear I intended to fulfill those promises. I won’t cross my hands across my heart this way if I didn’t. I loved you, and I still love you-

Damy: Then why Favour! Why did you have to hurt me this way? Why did you cheat on me again? You keep hurting me every t.i.m.e, why?

Favour: It’s becau-

Damy: Hold it! I don’t need your explanation, ex wife. We are done talking. Leave my house and never come back. My lawyer will get back to you.

Favour: So where do you think you are going? Who are you walking out on? Stop looking at me like you just saw a ghost. What on Earth is your problem? ‘Cos of one error, okay, two errors you want to chase me out? I didn’t mean to cheat on you, and that was why I aborted the child I had for him. What happened yesterday was a mistake. I am really sorry; I promise it won’t happen again.

Damy: You cheated on your husband twice, got pregnant for the other guy and even aborted and you are here telling me it won’t repeat itself. It will repeat itself over and over again if I don’t send you out. You are a disgrace to womanhood! Nincompoop!

Favour: Even God forgives us after numerous sins.

Damy: I am not God. There is a limit to what I can take. Ade! Adeeee

Ade: Yes boss

Damy: listen, I won’t say this twice: Tell your men to throw this slut out of my house. She is no longer my wife.

Ade: Yes sir.

Favour: come back here o! Don’t touch me Ade. I say don’t touch me. Damy you can’t do this to me. My love, Damyyyy. I say don’t touch me.

Ade: Please respect yourself madam. Madam, you can’t go in there. Ma-

Lights out.

Funny drama, right 😂? Well, I believe the message is clear enough but if you have any question, the comment section is open for you. Feel free to ask.

It is a known fact that relationships can’t be sustained without conflicts. Contacts with humans will definitely lead to conflict, but our ability to let things go and reconcile is key. At one point or the other in our lives, we have hurt others either knowingly or incidentally. At times, we commit the same errors numerous times ‘cos we know they will surely forgive. Other times, we hurt ourselves, and hurt others in the process too. Many people do not learn from their mistakes and repeat the same errors again. They do not only destabilize themselves, but affect others negatively too.

Our decisions; whether positive or otherwise affect our families and friends, and as we make waves and fulfil goals this year, we should make it a conscious effort not to repeat a mistake twice. Offending is inevitable, but commiting the same offence again can be avoided. Just like the title of the little drama skit ‘once is enough’, ensure that making a mistake should not be more than once.

Positivity should be our watch word, change, our motto. Like I said earlier, it’s okay to make mistakes and offend others, but doing it again is wrong.

Once is enough! I am positive that everyone has gained something. Do not forget to add your opinions or ask questions in the comment section.

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Have a blissful week. Cheers 👯

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