#My love story 2

“My presentation is about family. A family is a group of people related not only by blood, but by love. They are always there for each other and sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of… You know what class? I am done here. First, I hate my family, second, these things you grouped with me are crazy and are not smart enough! Gosh?”

That simple statement cost me everything. Before I finished speaking, my group members pounced on me and beat the hell out of me. There was someone in that group I hated in particular- Anna. She was too nosy and didn’t know how to end a joke. Well, guess what I did to her… during break, I ripped off her shirt and made sure the three first buttons disappeared. She retaliated of ‘cos, and in the process of tearing each other apart, a hand grabbed my hands and that earned me a slap from Anna. Imediatelty, I turned around and without looking at the person’s face shot him a blow in the ear. Lo and behold, it was the hottest nigga in school- John. I wouldn’t say I was shocked, well I was but it was more of a what-the-heck-are-you-doing-here kind of shock rather than a oh-my-God-I-just-beat-a-senior sort of shock. Little did I know that a bigger shock was coming- well, I expected the usual drill: you fight your senior, he punishes you for three days or he reports you and you get a six hour free ticket to the advice room (I don’t know which punishment is the most gruesome). My mind flashed back to six months ago when I was locked up in the advice room with Mr Daniels. I felt like shit for the rest of that week and refused to speak to anybody. I can’t afford to have any of these so I decided to beg. “I’m sorry, please don’t punish me”. He looked at me for 6 seconds (I counted in my head) and said “it’s okay”. I didn’t believe him and was anxiously waiting to be called out for my punishment. I was right, he came, but not for a punishment. He offered to take me the movies at night. The happiness I felt was eternal. I mean, I just slapped the hottest guy in school- by mistake, I get it but a slap is still a slap and just like in the movies, he falls in love with my slap and asks me out. The rest is history. I said yes before he finished asking me out. For ten months, we were together. I flaunted him as best as I could (the envious glares I got from the other girls was satisfactory). Fast forward to 10months after… We fought and I broke up with him. Well, I didn’t exactly break up. To other people, he ended us, but in my little head, what happened was that I saw the breakup coming (I didn’t, actually) and immediately he said the word, I said it back and never went back. What led to the break up was just a very trivial issue which could have been settled amicably but I guess he got tired of him (I am too good to be gotten tired of). Now, we got to date each other due to the slap, and on the day of our breakup he was ranting about me walking out on him the previous day. I apologized but his blocked head refused to listen. He went on and on about my flaws, family, inability to keep friends, bla bla bla and I striked him across the face. (That was to bring him back to his senses and make him apologize, but, you know the rest). I did nothing wrong to him, right? He was just being a dickhead.

Fast forward to the present- John has graduated but I still miss our friendship. He understood me perfectly, and even when everyone thought I was insane (they still think I am), he said I was the best thing that happened to him. We know that’s a lie, but I choose to believe him. For 10 months, I felt like a person, and I knew there was still hope for me (not anymore though. I need another hankey). Now, with the story of John gone, let’s discuss Eric, my first love…

We all have a tale to tell about what our first love felt like right? Stay tuned to know what our little carzy Jane has to tell us. If this is your first time visiting, kindly read the last post to get acquainted with Jane and her love life. Also, do not forget to pass your comments to my email @jesutohmisindapo@gmail.com, Deborah_dapo@ Instagram or my WhatsApp number for those who have it. Thank y’all.

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11 thoughts on “#My love story 2

  1. Jane is an interesting character,
    a candid portrait of a ‘wahala’ girl. Would love to see how her story unfolds🙂🙂


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