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Can someone, just anyone tell me

Why I am black?
Can someone, just anybody explain

Why I am limited?
Who was it that I offended
Who was it that decided I deserve
The skin of a minority
Please tell me, before I go crazy
Why my dreams have to be limited
Simply because I was born black
In case you don’t know
Black signifies slavery
Black symbolises dirty
Black means limitation.
When you see a black man
You see a person who is full of budding potentials
Huge aspirations, hopes, inventions
But is unable to fulfill any
Because of the black skin.

Like that wasn’t enough,
I was punished further;
I was born African.
Even worse, cos the African heritage
Is despised all over the world
The African blood is pitiful.
Someone once said
‘You can do anything you want
You only have to believe”
But I say:
“You can do anything you want as a black only if you limit your
Potentials and face the reality
That you are not wanted.”
My colour which tells a lot
About who I am
Has posed as the greatest barrier
I have a lot to say
But one more word, and I’ll go
Completely poco loco.

I wrote this poem at a period when I was going through a hard time. I was filled with anger, sadness, rage, and near-depression. Writing always lightens my mood, so in my anger I picked up my pen and unleashed my anxieties. I got over my issues, and a long time after, found this piece where I kept it.
I have decided to share not because I believe what I wrote- there is an element of truth in it, but life has taught me that I should never give up. Rather than see the bad, I focused on the good. The black skin has been widely humiliated in the past, but I am certain that our generation and the ones to come will rewrite history. We only need to have faith, and determine to make ourselves heard. Man was created with an empty slate and the decisions he makes determines what will be written on the slate. We have the slate and the pen; we’ve only got to believe and take actions, and we’ll be surprised at how far we can go.

I acted on my emotions while writing that. I almost gave up on my dreams, but thankfully, I was able to snap out of it and get my self back together. Ever since then, I learnt the act of overriding my emotions. You should do the same too. Whenever you are faced with unending difficulties, remember, it’s just for a while. Never let your challenges and emotions control your actions.

P.S: Covid-19 is real.  Stay indoors and stay safe. I love you 😍🤗

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