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Hello people, its story time!💃💃. I hope we are busy trying out new things during this period😃😃🤗 Well, it’s time to get your reading selves activated cos it’s story time!

P.S: this story is based on an actual occurrence but the writer in me would not allow me narrate it like a mere article. So, sit back and enjoy!

It was a big day in the entire family of the Johnsons’. Their first daughter, Adeola was finally getting married. She had always been unlucky with love her entire life until she met Emmanuel Olukayo, her fiancee. All the fastings,prayers and bindings of her mother eventually paid off and she couldn’t have been more grateful. The event was a memorable one, as people from all over the country graced the occasion with their presence. By the time the wedding ended, it was near dusk.

Mr and Mrs Olukayo, the newest couple in town sat on the bed in their new three bedroom apartment gifted by Emmanuel’s parents two weeks prior to the wedding. They had agreed on a modest lifestyle due to the size of their pockets; Deola was a secondary School teacher, while Emmanuel worked at the Engineering department in a renowned company in Osogbo, Osun state. Emmauel looked at his new bride, held her hands and gazed at her adoringy.

“I am the luckiest man in the world, darling. I promise to make you happy as long as I live,” he whispered. She equally declared her love for him and made endless promises to stick with him forever. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

Days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and months, years, but the family of two refused to have a child. When asked about it, they claimed they were not rich enough to start making babies. They turned a deaf ear to the plea of their parents and siblings. On a particular Saturday morning, it was announced on the news that a large sum of gold was discovered in a very large city nearby. In no time, the city was filled with immigrants who wanted the gold. The young couple heard about it, and also decided to travel to the city in search of the free gold. They were ready to abandon their house and jobs for something better. Families and friends tried to dissuade them from leaving their home behind, but they insisted on going to the city of gold. They sold their house and every other valuable property they owned and journeyed to the city of gold. Contrary to what they had imagined, the gold was difficult to find. That did not discourage them however as they made up their minds to get the gold at all costs.

Many years passed, and the city of gold was locked down. It was discovered that people were taking advantage of the situation and committing several atrocities. All immigrants were ordered to leave, and Mr and and Mrs Olukayo were left with no other choice but to return home, the same way they arrived. What they didn’t know, however was that the house which they sold now belonged to the state government. A huge sum of gold was discovered there and the new owner sold the house to the state government and received a lot of gold and money in return. When the couple arrived and heard the news, they were devastated. They left in search of gold, not knowing that gold was also in the house where they lived. They were left with nothing but sadness and regrets!

The end.

Like the yorubas’ would say: ‘what you are searching for in another place is right beside you.’ Although I used fictional character and places, the story is true. The young couple were too anxious and impatient. They wanted to get rich at all cost, and they got the repercussions. This is a lesson to us all; we should learn the art of patience and wisdom. It might appear as if your plans are going haywire, but never give up. Do not be like the young couple who left all they had in search of what they couldn’t get. Always ask for God’s guidance before you take any step. Be consistent at what you do and watch your dreams unfold. Trust the process and take it hana hana (step by step).

Another cogent point to learn from the story is greed. Greed leads to un-satisfaction. The young couple were not contented with their lot and wanted more. They lived in regret for the rest of their lives. Be contented with your present condition and don’t he in a hurry to acquire wealth.

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