Ajin sat patiently in his silver form waiting to be picked up by the mother giant. He knew mother giant loved him the most and always picked him up if he was available. Sometimes, when he was stained with leftovers she scrubbed him and made sure she used him. He watched as she dished her food with blue Smi to from the pot and boasted to the others that he was going to have a taste of the delicious meal.

‘I can’t wait to be picked up mehn! The way the food is so balanced on lu china has got me drooling and’

‘Oh shut up! Elinha yells at Ajin. You always say this everytime mother giant dishes her food. You selfish glutton!’ Before Ajin could have a chance to reply her, mother giant was already searching the rack for a spoon. Ajin prepared himself for the great journey to and from the late to her mouth. He redressed himself to ensure he looked his best. To their greatest surprise, mother giant picked up little Chu who was bruised all over as a result of constant chewing from baby giant. She seemed to be in a hurry and without properly accessing Chu she dipped her into the plate ready to devour the meal. Ajin could not believe his eyes; he felt betrayed by mother giant. The other members of the rack, including the plate with broken teeth made fun of him. Elinha stood up and tried to mimick Ajin.

‘Oh I cannot wait to have a taste of that delicious meal. I am the most fortunate and blessed being here. Oh I do-‘

‘now that’s enough, miserable Ajin is about to cry.’ They all laughed and continued making fun of Ajin while he bent his head low in shame.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading friends! Watch this space for more tales of the rack😉.

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