“Everyone is gifted; some, only more generously.”- Dayyborah, 2020.
Trust you are all doing well😀💃. The last time you vistited here, I mentioned that I would start a series about my writing journey, and, here we are!

I receive tons of questions daily from friends about how I discovered my writing talent. On those days, I usually go blank and try to decipher how it all started to no avail. Truth is, I never really ‘discovered’ it; I just found myself doing it. Funny, right 😎

There was a time when I was so little (I guess nine or ten years old), and I suddenly decided that I wanted to write a book about heaven. Prior to that, I had a book where I documented my composed songs, and trust me, they were great😁. Now, back to the matter… I started writing stuff about God, faith and Holy living. I did not copy my content from anywhere; I just went with the flow.  After months of rigorous writing, I finally finished it. I couldn’t contain my excitement and I ran to show it to my parents. I couldn’t wait for it to be published. I know y’all are waiting for the part where I would say ‘and, they loved my piece, and got it published, and just like that, I became an author’,  but, fairy tales only happen on screen, lol. Well, my parents loved the book, but, they told me it was too scanty to be published. When they saw how demoralized I was, they tried to encourage me to add more content, but my brain was already programmed in such a way that I couldn’t alter the plot. I felt my message was concise and complete, and I didn’t see a need to add to it. Eventually, I forgot about the book, and my manuscript got lost (I still feel the pain till date). If I had been able to see through the lens of my parents, maybe, just maybe, I would have become an author at a tender age of ten.

That didn’t end there… I was actively involved in church activities as a child. 6/5 activities, Debby must be there sha😂. Whenever we needed to act or sing songs for special occasions, I usually contributed. I used to write scripts which would be edited by the children teachers, and compose lovely songs for us to sing. Then, as I grew older, I became more aware of my ability to write, and here I am!💃

I never really got the opportunity to train my voice properly; I guess I would have turned out to be an amazing singer. I haven’t given up tho, cos when there is life, there is hope.

Thank you for reading! Watch out for this space, and watch out for my book, Shadows.
Y’all are free to share your talents and discoveries with me in the comment section (I hope it doesn’t disappear, lol).
                    Dapo’s Musings♥️

Published by Dayyborah

I am an avid lover of the arts. I am also a writer, editor, and content creator.

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